Sunday, May 19, 2013

Carter Carburetor N-3008S

The Carter Carburetor N-3008S on the 1960 McCulloch Scott has a idle mixture needle and the high-speed performance is determined by the adjustment of a fixed type metering rod.

There's not much information on this carburetor on the internet. My guess is this was a design unique to McCulloch's specifications for the Scott 60 and 75 hp motors.

Model N-3008S Parts:
Flange gasket1A-93
Float & Lever Assembly21-163S
Inlet Needle & Seat25-399S
Metering Rod Spring61-612
Metering Rod, Standard75-1481
Metering Rod, Lean (High Altitude)75-1506
Metering Rod Pin150-260

The metering rod pin (seen in the illustration as #20) was bad on one of my carbs. The head wasn't round and it allowed the metering rod to jamb next to the head. I replaced the bad pin with a homemade pin that started life as a nail.

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