Sunday, August 25, 2013

I'm a Nut Job

The boat has been out of the water for 3 weeks in August, but here's the new prop and nut and she's going for a swim today.

Along with the Michigan Prop I found and bought 2 beehive nuts, one actually arrived. The shaft diameter and thread of the one that arrived was perfect, but the ID to clear the prop nose was too small. I took the slow but steady approach and clearenced the nut by hand. The final product works perfectly.

During the downtime we ended up missing the OBR day in Los Alimitos Bay, I read on that another of the attendees spun a prop that day, so I guess I'm in a good club.

In the end new prop $130 prop nut $45 lesson learned to replace $1 cotter Pin... as they say... priceless.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Props for Your Scott McCulloch 60-75.2 HP

When searching for props here's some helpful information about various Michigan Wheel props that would fit the Scott McCulloch 60-75.2 HP motors.

Bronze Propellers:
  • SMC620 - bronze, 3-blade, 11.5x13, 14 to 16' Boats, light loads
  • SMC626 - bronze, 3-blade, 11.5x11, 16 to 17' Boats, all loads, skis
  • SMC628 - bronze, 3-blade, 11.5x12, 14 to 16' Boats, all loads, skis
  • SMC629 - bronze, 3-blade, 11.5x8, cruisers, houseboats, sailboats
  • SMC630 - bronze, 3-blade, 11.5x8 
Aluminum Propellers:
  • PS71 - aluminum, 3-blade, 11.5x12, 14 to 16' Boats, all loads, skis
  • PS72 - aluminum, 3-blade, 11.5x13, 14 to 16' Boats, light loads
  • PS73 - aluminum, 3-blade, 11.5x11, 16 to 17' Boats, all loads, skis
  • PS74 - aluminum, 3-blade, 11.5x10, 17 to 19' Boats, all loads, skis
    Replaced by Michigan PN: 152026
  • PS75- aluminum, 3-blade, 11.5x9, 20 to 24' Boats, one engine
  • PS76 - aluminum, 3-blade, 11.5x8, cruisers, houseboats, sailboats

Sunday, August 11, 2013

I've Spun Out of Control

As a new boater I'm learning new things everyday. The most recent thing I learned is that just like a motorcycle, stuff will fall off the boat.
In the photo above when I was changing the lower oil earlier this summer. The prop had an old-school beehive prop nut with a sketchy cotter pin securing the prop nut.
Last week I was flushing the motor with fresh water and noticed the nut was missing. My guess is the cotter pin broke a while ago and the prop nut eventually turned itself off and is likely laying at the bottom of the Newport Harbor. Also it appeared the prop had moved back a 1/4" or so. The shear pin was partially blocked by the blade casting.

The guys at pointed out that I had likely "spun" the prop. This is when the rubber between the nose assembly and blade assembly gives away. This allowed the prop to slip back over the shear pin.
Since you buy the prop separate from the motor, the beehive nuts were likely used on many different motors. Mine was used with the Michigan Wheel SMC626 bronze prop. This replacement prop nut was found on Ebay and was listed as being off a mid-50s Evinrude.


Since the prop was "spun" I was in search of a replacement prop. By chance I also found this new in the box 50 year old Michigan wheel SMC 626 bronze prop on Ebay for $130 shipped. The prop is listed as a Elgin-Scott-Wizard 60-75.2 hp Homelite 55 it is 11-1/2x11 and is cast bronze.

We are planning to attend the Old Boats Rule gathering in Los Alimitos Bay (Long Beach, CA) next week. I'm hoping to get everything in this week and if everything goes well, we will be cruising again next weekend.