Friday, September 13, 2013

Scott Racing Division

Bob McCulloch pushed the envelope chasing boat racing speed records and in 1958 his new 3 cylinder 60 hp Flying Scott was introduced. The Scott 60 was popular in NOA OPC racing 1958 and 1959 where it enjoyed some success, especially setting speed records.

Here are a few photos collected from the web of Scott Racing Team and their 1960's era PowerCat racing boats.

Team McCulloch boats at Carlsbad, CA Source:

The McCulloch factory was at the LA Airport so a lot of the testing and racing was done in the salt of the Long Beach, CA harbor.

And for fun... a few modern "racers" with their Flying Scotts...

Dick Davis doing 60 M.P.H. With a pair of Scott 75s strapped to the back of his PowerCat.

My friend from "Pony Boy" in his G3 with 75HP Flying Scott...
mine wouldn't be running without his help!

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  1. I'm a old Merc guy but I have to admit that the Flying Scott outboards were both beautiful, powerful and fast....they absolutely look great on a G-3.