Thursday, March 20, 2014

McCulloch Outboard Motors Styled by Raymond Loewy

The Raymond Loewy connection to the Dorsett is well documented in Dorsett sales literature and supported by the cool dash plaque on our Dorsett Belmont. In this McCulloch ad from 1957 the Royal Scotts (40hp) are spotlighted as also being a Raymond Loewy design. While the 60 h.p. Flying Scott is not attributed to Lowey, it's design is consistent with the sleek lines of the Royal Scott.

This article from Outboard Boating 1958 also indicates that the McCulloch outboard motors received their unique styling from the same famed industrial designer.
Some time ago the controlling interest in the Scott Atwater Manufacturing Company was bought by the McCulloch Motors Corporation, one of the country's largest manufacturers of chain saws. McCulloch already had a well-established two-cycle motor experimental engineering department. Within a year of gaining control of Scott-Atwater. McCulloch's experimental facilities plus a generous experimental budget began to generate some changes. The first evidence of the new policy was apparent when in 1957 the Scotts were regarbed in colorful, sleek and sprightly cowlings created by noted industrial designer Raymond Loewy.

Google books also returns quite a few results with Loewy and McCulloch mentioned including a McCulloch review in The Fisherman, Volume 9 also published in 1958 where they mention the McCulloch outboards are “smartly styled in the Raymond Loewy Associates’ latest designs”.

If you don't know who Raymond Loewy is... his most famous “boat motor” was the Coca-Cola Dole Deluxe... read this article Raymond Loewy: the man who designed everything from the Verge.

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