Saturday, June 13, 2015

1960 Wilcox Crittenden Stern Lamp

When we bought the boat the original stern lamp was missing. The good news is the Dorsett base was intact.

The Dorsett's were originally fitted a translucent plastic "beehive" lens on the stern lamp. I went on the hunt and found an Ebay seller with some Dorsett parts for sale. I emailed him and asked if he had the stern light and we made a deal and as soon as it arrived I installed it on the boat.

The seller shipped me the lens and pole but there was no socket and bulb so I went to the auto parts store and bought a replacement socket and turn signal bulb. The bulb was super bright and unfortunately super hot. The result was on my first outing, I burned and disfigured the lens. I was able to salvage it but it was burnt on the inside, discolored and mis-shaped.

Since the night I burned-up my lens, I've been emailing folks on Craigslist and Ebay with Dorsett boats/parts for sale. Always asking if anyone has a lens and if so would they sell it to me... with no luck.  Well looky what I found on Ebay last week:

Turns out the Dorsett stern lights were made by a company named Wilcox Crittenden and were outfitted on many 50's and 60's era boats. The base of the Ebay find is not a Dorset base but the locknut, stainless steel pole and lamp socket are a perfect match! It has the original socket and small bulb.

This one will get cleaned up and installed for our next sunset cruise!

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