Saturday, June 1, 2013

Cool It - Disassembly

I remember specifically seeing the tell-tale stream coming out of the port-side of the motor when I first got the motor running. (I even pointed out to my wife. Like a cat dragging a bird into the house, I was so proud.) But then I just kind-of didn't pay attention to it any more. So now I'm wondering what happened? The former owner told me he had replaced the impeller so I figured I was OK.

"They" say, when bring an old motor back to life, never trust what the old owner says about when or even if the impeller was ever replaced. Also good outboard maintenance protocol is to replace the lower gear lube once a season. So given the fact that my cooling system has stopped functioning I need to do both.

Here is the disassembly:
  1. Drain the lower
  2. Shift into Neutral, remove Inspection plate, remove LOWER screw, shift into reverse. I put a paper towel in there in case I dropped the screw into the lower.
  3. Unbolt the five allen head screws holding the lower. Mine released easily, the manual says to slightly rotate the lower to break the seal between the two pumps and water bailer lines.
  4. Pull the entire assembly down and out of the lower motor casing.
  5. Slide the rubber boot off the end of the drive shaft by working it loose with your thumbs.
  6. Remove the rubber water inlet cup.
  7. Remove the four pump assembly screws
  8. Lift the bailer pump off the drive shaft.
There are two roll pins that sit in the keys on the drive shaft. So I disassembled the pump one piece at a time to remove it from the drive shaft.

Here's the parts in disassembly order you can see the bailer impeller (second from left) has no fins my water pump impeller (second from right) is actually very nice. So the impeller was replaced and I'm a little concerned about why my water wasn't circulating.

 Here's the replacement parts:
The one on the left is the water pump impeller the one on the right is the bailer impeller.

Next weekend I will test the circulation with a water hose to see if anything is blocking the cooling system and then reassemble the pump and add new lower oil.

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