Saturday, June 22, 2013

Maiden Voyage, Sunset Harbor Cruise

 Friday night at 5:00 P.M we hitched the Dorsett to the truck and took it over to the Newport Dunes for an evening cruise. It was only a month ago I was over here but the cruise only lasted 100 yards out and 100 yards back. Tonight I was confident we would be cruising in style.

The Dorsett fired right up and I motored away from the dock at idle. Then hammer down to... 5 MPH (Newport Harbor speed limit). She cruised right along and I took the 4 mile ride to the public dock at the end of our street. My son drove the trailer the 12 mile drive home. (This is one of the few occasions when a 5 MPH boat ride is faster to than the car.) Welcome to the beach in Southern California.

We stopped at Hills Boat Service and fueled up our 6 gallon fuel tank that holds 4-5 useable gallons. The young attendant noticed the boat was idling a little high at 2000 RPM at idle. He offer to adjust the idle and when I pulled the hood he looked at the three carbs and was a little surprised. I turned the screws down a 1/4 turn (to 2-3/4) and we were off.

My wife and I took a nice 3 hour harbor cruise. The boat ran great and just purred along. Old two stokes are loud and smelly. With that said, Harbor crusing in the front seats was great. We could talk normally and there was very little fume. Passengers in the back seat will get a totally different experience.

We ended the night at the Habor Side restaurant and we got in our order just before the Kitchen closed at 9 PM. We had a classic Sunset Cruise on the Harbor.

We were fortunate to be able to leave our boat at the restaurant over night with the promise that we would pick it up by 9:00 AM.

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