Monday, June 10, 2013

Extra juice always helps

Originally I had a pair of O'Reilly's 500CA (1ST-MATEJ) marine batteries. These were only a couple of months old, but I've been using (abusing) the heavily during my motor tinkering. For most of the time I had these connected to a charger because I was constantly turning the motor without firing.

I became suspect of their condition as they were taking longer and longer to recover after starting attempts. Also I saw online that there were better batteries that O'Reilly's sells that are only $20 more.

I took them back to O'Reilly's to see what they could do so I could upgrade and they said one had a bad cell and the other was about shot. They credited me towards a pair of 1000CA (24MSJ) marine batteries. Extra juice always helps when starting the boat.

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